Hostlasting® is the registered brand name of the firm, Cloud19 Technologies.

Cheap Web Hosting in India

Our Commitments

We provide servers, bandwidth, applications, and management of applications for individuals and small-scale businesses to carry out day-to-day operations successfully.

We emphasize on offering remarkable quality support. With seasoned experience in Web Hosting and IT -related domains, our team is instrumental in serving you with the best of our capabilities.

Our Mission

To make sure that the websites of our customers can be accessed around the clock by utilizing high-end programs and expertise. Through the deployment of state-of-the-art infrastructure and updated technologies, become the best cheap web hosting services provider for our clients.

Our Vision

To become the best hosting company in India by providing quality-oriented & fully-managed services and the customer-first approach.

Why us?

Our aim is to offer the best-in-class services within the given timeline. In addition, our focus is on offering value to enable our clients achieve profitability and sustainable growth. Incorporating the values such as customer-first approach, innovation, quality, and dedication, Hostlasting strives to become the best hosting company in India. We are endeavoring to make hosting easy to implement, reliable, and valuable.

With years of expertise and careful consideration, the equipment is deployed for achieving the maximum performance and optimum uptime for websites of our clients. The servers utilized for achieving these benefits are top-end and upgraded time-to-time to offer smooth operations. They are equipped with powerful RAM and quad-core processors. In addition, for ensuring data security and exceptional speed in operations, we provide high-speed installation of drives by employing Raid 10. In addition, we focus on becoming reliable and excellent domain service provider in India.

The connectivity by Hostlasting is provided through a network route that will maximize the routing of the data. Following a comprehensive research and extensive field work, we implemented the probes that automatically transmit the data through the ideal and optimized path. Along with implementation of best-in-class infrastructure and expertise, we strive to offer the best cheap web hosting services to individuals and companies.


Hostlasting – Your search for the best web hosting company in India ends here

Our unwavering focus on delivering the best and cheap web hosting in India sets us apart from competitors. The quality of service, top-notch infrastructure, and around-the-clock support make us the preferred choice for web hosting. The assembly and configuration of network ensure optimum uptime and scalability.

The company has a number of experts of the field and their technical expertise surpasses their years of experience. Such distinguished expertise and the customer-first attitude have become major factors in our success. Also, it helped us become one of the best web hosting companies in India for wordpress. We are striving to provide satisfactory solutions, address each and every query, and become a partner in the success of our clients.

Excellent Range Of High-Quality Services

Hostlasting offers an excellent blend of standard hosting solutions along with the custom-made alternatives. With our expertise employed in producing such blend, we strive to provide cheap web hosting in India.

We successfully showed that the product and service range offers a considerably value to our clients’ businesses and comes with affordable pricing. Various services such as domain name, reseller hosting, shared hosting, Storage VPS, KVM VPS hosting, email hosting, Windows VPS, dedicated servers, eCommerce hosting, WordPress Hosting, CMS hosting, SSL certificates, and others.

As the best hosting company in India, we continuously track the market needs and look out for latest trends. This enables us to add innovative features to our list of products and services. We are always focused on developing an excellent quality of products and stay updated. We also take the utmost precaution about the security to ensure smooth operation and profitability for our clients.


Hostlasting Around The World

No matter where your website server is? or which data center you choose? Hostlasting's all data center has excellent connectivity across the world. All our data center locations are in India, US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore etc.