Cheap Storage Server Hosting in India

Standard storage VPS hosting offers an ability of unlimited storage and becomes a feasible option for storing a vast amount of data. located its servers at one of the prime locations in the European region. These storage servers contain a multi-layer security for data protection and ensuring ease in data availability at any time.

Storage VPS Hosting
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Take a confident stride in your expanding your business with an assurance of safety and security of massive data of your websites and online business with our cheapest VPS hosting in India. We request you to determine the most suitable plan for fulfilling your requirements.

Cheap VPS with Large Storage Plans

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  • 1 x 1.70GHz CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 256 GB Storage
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • No Backups
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  • 1 x 1.70GHz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 512 GB Storage
  • 4 TB Bandwidth
  • No Backups
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  • 2 x 1.70GHz CPU
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 1024 GB Storage
  • 8 TB Bandwidth
  • No Backups
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  • 1 x 1.70GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2048 GB Storage
  • 16 TB Bandwidth
  • No Backups
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What do you mean by storage VPS?

Storage VPS is a cost-efficient, reliable, and secure way of storing a huge amount of data and information. Storage of your data on the virtual private servers takes away entire burden from your pockets if you are planning the budget according to the storage needs. Moreover, there is an option to access the data as per your need. Through the data access, you get the ability to carry out an installation of operating system services at cheap prices.

Get to Know About Cheap Storage Server Hosting in India is instrumental in deployment of best-in-class and top-notch storage server infrastructure for accelerating your business operations. Our servers are capable of offering maximum uptime along with the entire root access and high security.

Are you willing to buy the cheap VPS with large storage capacity?

Our reliable, robust, and rapid services are aimed at fulfilling your storage VPS hosting requirements. Through the top-notch and cheap storage cloud server and around the clock support, we are striving to provide maximum uptime and high quality of service.

Cheap High Storage VPS at your disposal – All you need to do is select the operating system (OS)

With our cheap storage server hosting services, we provide you an ability to choose the operating system (OS). As you install the required OS, there is an option to gain convenience for efficient management of your servers.

Ease offer in setting up the reseller hosting account: is instrumental in offering the seamless setup of reseller hosting business through our flexible plans. These plans offer huge bandwidth range and large disk space. Through this, you will be able to generate various plans for your customers as per your choice. These plans contain various services such as cPanel, single-click app installer, and others. We will assist you in every step and try to create hassle-free hosting process.

Server infrastructure located in Europe:

Our top-notch Tier III datacenter is located in Lithunia, Europe. This location is selected to provide the maximum uptime and high performance. Also, you have an ability to gain avail access to the stored data when there is a need.

Software Support Offered:

Through the cheap VPS storage servers, we provide the ability to operate different operating systems along with control panels. This provides the access and control for efficient management of your data. The VPS 1TB storage capacity is provided for each software tool to keep your servers operational and secure.

Cost-Saving Advantages: is designed all the plans in such a way that there will not be any burden on the pockets our clients. As you avail our cheap storage server hosting, we assure you that there will not be any compromise on the quality. You can also choose the plan as per the business needs.

Required Tools:

We offer all the required tools that involve maximum storage capabilities at the affordable prices. There is free-of-cost Domain Name Server (DNS) manager available along with the OS installation and the ample storage space.

Managing servers in your control:

With each of our

Through cheap storage VPS hosting plans, there is an option of root access available. This enables you to connect with compatible applications. This will offer you an ability to manage the storage without getting in touch with the service provider and wait for the response. The control panel will be handled by you.

Unlimited Scaling Capacity:

Once you avail any specific plan and you find out that the storage needs raise, we ensure that the upscale will be done efficiently. The storage capacity can be increased at any time. Through installation of secure tools, storage space will be provided as per requirement.

24x7x365 Support:

The team of assistants, professionals, and experts will address your issues at any time and from anywhere. There is a continuous and relentless support for solving your queries and addressing your issues. Kindly get in touch with us and we will be glad to assist at any time.


One click install OS Dockers



What are the usage capabilities for storage VPS?

Through our best and cheap storage VPS server hosting, you will have an ability to store a massive amount of data of your websites and web applications. In addition, the storage servers are intended to assist you in offering backup of the data and archives. The storage VPS hosting servers of provide compatibility with various applications, operating systems, and scenarios of development. Also, there is root access availability along with many other features without any cost.

Which hypervisor is utilized in storage VPS? uses safe, reliable, and advanced OpenVZ virtualization server. This OpenVZ virtualization is another hypervisor technology used for any operating systems. This hypervisor provides ease in scaling up and superior performance. Moreover, it provides compatibility with various operating systems.

What are some of the use case scenarios for using storage VPS?

Storage VPS hosting is utilized if the need for website data storage is incredibly high and the performance requirement is huge. With OpenVZ virtualization server in place, offers cheap storage server hosting.

Which versions of Linux Kernel are provided by

Linux Kernel is a crucial component in the Linux operating system. It offers capabilities related to operation, management, and security regarding resources. Through the storage VPS capabilities, you will be able to operate the most reliable, superior, and advanced 2.6.32.x Linux Kernel version. If there is a required for another advanced version of the Linux Kernel, you can always ask us and we will make that available. We also offer assistance in upgrade of the existing version.

Which operating systems (OS) are compatible with storage VPS hosting services offered by

Hostlasting provides four operating systems such as CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian with storage VPS hosting services up to 2TB.

CentOS – CentOS is stated as Community Enterprise Operating System. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) developed this Linux distribution system. Many enterprises use this OS and a huge community base offers the support.

Fedora – Red Hat sponsors Fedora and it is developed by the community called as the Fedora Project. It is open-source and free, and is utilized for learning and studying.

Ubuntu – Ubuntu has become the most popular and open-source Linux distribution operating system (OS). Many professionals and enterprises support this OS. In addition, it is utilized on the cloud-based environment.

Debian – It is a UNIX-based operating system. It is free and popular among network servers and users of personal computers. Basic utilities along with programs provide this system to operate on computers.

Does provide the support for IPv4 addresses? If yes, what is the number of addresses that can be added? Do you also offer the IPv6 support?

Yes, we offer IPv4 support. With the help of virtual machines, we provide the support to a single IPv4 address. However, if there is a need for more IPv4 addresses, there is an option for add-ons that can be added following the server deployment. Moreover, 31 addresses can be added in a single instance. We also provide support to add a single IPv6 address. There is an option to add more addresses if need arises.

What is the location of’s storage VPS hosting servers?

The location of our cost-efficient and superior storage VPS hosting servers is in the European region. We located the Tier III datacenter in Lithuania to install our servers. The location is chosen based on providing the optimum uptime and superior performance to our clients. The datacenter also has a cooling infrastructure that ensures the maximum uptime and stringent security measures are taken for ensuring data safety. Our servers provide the excellent services for all the locations across the world including India and others.

How do you deal with the issue of running out of the bandwidth with the existing plan?

With the 1TB storage capacity of VPS, we allow the utilization of the allocated bandwidth till the month ends. If the bandwidth of the existing plan is over, we try to deal with the issue by lowering down the server port speed. The speed will be lowered by nearly 10 times till the beginning of the next month cycle. There will not be any extra charges for such adjustments. Moreover, you can opt for the upgraded plan and avail the storage capacity of 2TB.

You don’t need to worry about the extra charges. We will not charge you any extra fees or suspend your services. You can always avail the upgraded plan and gain VPS 2TB storage capacity.

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